French Immersion

Learning a language is like giving a gold deposit to your children, but without risk, because while gold may decrease in value, knowledge will not. Gold can be stolen, but knowledge always grows
- Dr. Roseann Runte, President of Victoria University, Toronto

École Olds Elementary School is a dual track school, offering a regular English program and an early French Immersion program beginning in Grade 1.  In French Immersion, French is not only a subject, but a language of instruction and a means of communication.  In our program, more than 80% of the regular school curriculum is taught in French. Formal instruction in the English language commences in Grade 3. Our program provides an optimal learning environment for all children to successfully learn the French Language, while enhancing the skills in their first language. Here are six frequently asked questions regarding our French Immersion program:

How can I register my child for French Immersion? Parents of students already enrolled at ÉOES can simply call 556-8477 and speak to Ms. Nygard.  Parents of students who will begin attending ÉOES next fall can follow the regular procedures listed in the Registration Section.

Is French Immersion for my child? Yes. Anyone with an interest can be in French Immersion. We openly welcome all students to the program. Student abilities vary in every learning environment. French Immersion is no exception. If you are interested in providing your child with a new opportunity and French Immersion is for you.

I don't know French, how will I help my child? Parents do not have to know any French. French Immersion is designed to instruct students without any French background. Teachers anticipate that parents will not be able to communicate in French at home and are prepared to accommodate such situations.

What about English? Reading and Writing in French is the same as in English, the skills are transferable. Students in French Immersion are to follow the same curriculum as the English program, as set out by the Alberta Government, and are expected to achieve the same standards as those in English.

Is French a popular language to learn? Yes! More than 30,000 Alberta students take French Immersion. More than 300,000 students are enrolled nation-wide. Approximately 200,000 Albertans can carry on a conversation in both French and English. In addition, Canada is considered a world leader in second language education.

Where can I find additional information? École Olds Elementary School and Canadian Parents for French (CPF) are ready and willing to offer additional information and support:

CESD Co-ordinator

  • (403) 227-7070
  • French Immersion Co-ordinator
Staff Contacts
  • (403) 556-8477
  • (403) 556-8477
  • French Immersion Teacher
  • Principal
Parent Contacts
  • (403) 586-0662
  • President CPF Olds Chapter
  • Vice President CPF Olds Chapter
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