Bell Times

8:35 First Bell
8:40 Start of classes
10:10- 10:23 Recess
11:55 - 12:25  Lunch
12:25 - 12:50 Recess 
1:55 - 2:08 Recess
3:10 Dismissal


Picking Students Up

At ÉOES, we ask that parents who are picking up their children support our classroom teachers and academic learning time by waiting until after 3:10 to come into classrooms.

Messages For Students
Calling the school with messages for students can take away from productive learning time and can be disruptive to classroom routines. Thus, we ask that parents make students aware of after-school plans each morning, before the school day begins. If circumstances do not allow for this, we ask that parents call prior to 2:45 p.m. so that students can be informed in time.

Thank you for your support!