Grades Taught

Pre K - Grade 4


École Olds Elementary School is a Pre-K to 4 safe and caring school dedicated to academic achievement and the positive personal development of children. It is staffed by a group of caring and compassionate people who love kids.

Name: École Olds Elementary School
Students:     545
Staff: 57
Principal: Mrs. Alanna Sampson
Vice Principal:  Mr. Joe Amundrud
Trustee: Kathy Kemmere
Mascot: Hooper
Phone: (403) 556-8477
Fax: (403) 556-3858
Email:     Mrs. Lisa Hallett

Throughout our school there is an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm that reminds us that learning is fun! École Olds Elementary School practices the Chinooks Edge School Division's mission & vision. Here are some unique programs and opportunities offered at ÉOES:

    * Full-time specialist teachers for music and physical education.
    * Full-time librarian working with a collection of more than 15,000 resources.
    * Comprehensive supports for students with special needs.
    * Pre-Kindergarten program for 3 and 4 year olds with special needs.
    * Early Literacy Program for students in kindergarten to grade four.
    * Kindergarten programs with full-time educational assistants.
    * French Immersion program currently offered in grades 1-4.
    * Two-station gym, complete with a climbing wall.
    * School-wide art projects that represent our children and their work.
    * Performance assemblies by each grade level and professional music/drama performances


Hooper is our school mascot. He is loved by all and carries an important message about the way we should treat others. As parents and teachers, we want the children of ÉOES to be thoughtful and caring of others. At ÉOES, Hooper's Code is how we teach children to do what is right because they feel it in their hearts. Our Golden Rule, thinking of the other person, makes ÉOES a caring place for children to learn and grow.