Parent Council


The ÉOES Parent Council & Fundraising Society meets on a monthly basis throughout the year.  All who want to be involved are welcome to attend these meetings.
The meetings are held online through Google Meet at 12:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month.  The meeting link can be obtained through the office or can be found on the EOES Parent Council Facebook Page:

ÉOES Parent Council – The purpose of the parent council is to provide ADVICE on the development of school matters, such as mission, policies, plans etc., where requested.

École Olds Elementary Fundraising Society

The École Olds Elementary school fundraising society believes in:

  • An inviting and inclusive learning environment
  • Providing the established curriculum, enhanced where possible by field trips, guest speakers, and quality materials
  • Fine arts programming that encompass music, movement and the visual arts
  • A physical education program that allows all students to participate
  • Partnerships with the school’s administration and community in the delivery of programming that enhances the whole development of each student.

The École Olds Elementary school fundraising society will work to fulfill the education potential of the school’s children through communication and partnership between staff, parents and the community.

The École Olds Elementary school fundraising society will strive to enhance the education of our children by providing financial support to the school council and school administration, where needed, through fundraising.

Goals and Objectives:
The École Olds Elementary School Fundraising Society will endeavour to:

  1. Enhance educational opportunities for all students.
  2. Promote and provide an environment that helps all students develop to their full potential.
  3. Engage parents and respective networks for prospective fundraising assistance, time and in-kind support.



ÉOES Parent Council and Fundraising Society Committees

1. Fun Lunch Committee – This group of parents will coordinate every aspect of the Fun Lunch program. We rely heavily on these fun lunches as a fundraiser. This group will seek out potential lunch providers from the businesses in town, partner with local businesses for sponsorship; develop forms as well as place and count orders. With the help of extra parents, orders will be distributed on fun lunch days.
If you have questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to help with fun lunch please contact a member of this committee. For more information, contact  .

2. Fundraising Committee – This group of parents will coordinate the fundraisers for the school year. They will gather ideas and research them before choosing two large fundraisers paired with smaller projects as needed. If you have fundraising ideas or would like to help with projects as they arise, please contact a member of this committee or join us at our May meeting. For more information, contact .
Watch for our Fundraising Events

3. Nominating Committee – This group of parents will ensure that board roles are filled at our annual general meeting in September. These positions include Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any family member of a student at ÉOES is welcome to run for one of these positions although the parent council bylaws state that you must be able to attend meetings if you fill a board position. If you are interested in filling one of these positions for the 2023-2024 school years, please contact Brandy Thompson at

The Fundraising Society uses its funds to go toward subsidizing school field trips and bussing as well as: Grade 4 milk program, Music festival and music projects, Purchasing playgrounds, Phys. Ed Requests, Library requests, Science Fair, Staff Appreciation, Garden projects, and many more. In addition to hot lunches, our fundraisers this year included: Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouse, Purdy’s chocolates,  coupon books, Shirley’s Greenhouse and others. We strive to earn a minimum of 40% on our Fundraisers however if you would like to have 100% of your contributions go towards our kids please use the ONLINE PAYMENT link on the school's main page and donate directly.

Meeting dates:
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month; however, if this day is a holiday it will be held the second Wednesday of the month. Both the Fundraising Society and the ÉOES School Council are looking for board members.  If you are interested please join us throughout the year to learn more.

Fundraising Society Board and ÉOES School Council   Contact
Chairperson - Brandy Thompson
Vice-Chair- April Mattson
Secretary - Haley Mountstephen
Fun Lunch Contact
Social Media Contact - Jennifer Hainsworth