ÉOES is extremely fortunate to have an excellent library with a collection of over 15,000 volumes for student and staff use. It is important for parents to know that:

  • All students have a book exchange period with their teacher each week.
  • Click here to access our ÉOES Library Catalogue.
  • Students may take out 2 books for a one-week loan period.

Students acquire library search skills with emphasis on using the computer catalogue and locating fiction and non-fiction resources. Our library technician Ms. Leydon is available to assist students throughout the day.


A message from the ÉOES Fun Lunch Program

Hello EOES Familes,
We hope that you are all healthy and figuring out how to manage at home right now. We still don't have a lot of information about how school will run in September but we are hoping to run hot lunch again, when it is safe to do so, in the 2021-2022 school year.  Here are directions for how to check your hot lunch account balances. 

Checking your balance:

1. log in at

2. Under the Orders heading click on Account Transactions

3. Scroll to the bottom to find the Current Account Balance for your family. It will be a negative number.

The easiest thing for us right now would be to leave your account balances as is so you can use the money towards next year's orders. Instead of creating a new account for the new school year you would use the same family account and add your child to the appropriate class next year.

If you are changing schools or moving you can request a refund by emailing us at .  Any refunds will have to be processed individually through Bambora and may cost us the applicable transaction fees. If you prefer to donate your balance the money would be used towards the new playground construction. 

Thank you for supporting the Fun lunch program and we appreciate your understanding at this time,

OES Fundraising Society